EW Facility Services

A positive contribution to the experience of end users – that is what EW Facility Services believes in. With the establishment of our organization, more than 27 years ago in the Netherlands and in 2007 in Belgium, we gave cleaning an extra dimension: hospitality was given a central place in our organization and services right from the start. With Papendal as the first client of EW Facility Services, our development in the hospitality sector started. It is an industry in which hospitality, experience, representativeness, varying use of spaces, fluctuating visitor numbers and performance seven days a week, 24 hours a day are central. Our entire business strategy, from back office to training policy, has therefore been arranged around that from day one. And by maintaining a strong focus on hospitality, experience and quality, we can continue to distinguish ourselves in a very competitive cleaning market.

Sweerts de Landasstraat 27, Postbus 448, 6800 AK, Arnhem
+31 (0)26 445 24 00