Happiness is scientifically described as a state of satisfaction or joy and can be different for each individual.

A valid reason for HotelloTOP to explore (the meaning of) happiness for Hotello’s. And guess what? Dutch Hotello’s value their overall happiness with an 8.1. One of the main goals of HotelloTOP is to conduct research within the hospitality industry. HotelloTOP started the research in the fall of 2017. HotelloTOP gained results based on a profile study (N = 2544) and the HotelloTOP Happiness Barometer (N = 582) among Hotello’s of the Dutch Hotel Management Schools: Hotel Management School Maastricht, Hotelschool The Hague, NHTV, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Stenden Hotel Management School and TIO.

The study illustrates links between independent variables and happiness, differences in lifestyle between hotelschool students, gives insights in the behaviour of Hotello’s and gives you the opportunity to improve and align your business with Hotello’s. In addition, specific questions can be addressed in a customized plan for your business. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or do you have questions about the HotelloTOP Profile Study and HotelloTOP Happiness Barometer? Please contact: Joost Glaser or call +31 (0)43 356 10 91.



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HotelloTOP would like to strengthen its purpose with research. Besides that, we would like to increase the recognisability of the word ‘Hotello’. For example, by enlarging publications in the media, social platforms and websites. Moreover, HotelloTOP wants to appeal to a larger group of Hotello’s. Lastly, we would like to ensure that Hotello’s from the Netherlands can be found at the global top!

But what does the job market look like? Which areas do Hotello’s excel in? And what is the image of Hotello’s within the Netherlands? To sum up: what are the traits of the Hotello DNA? These questions and more, have been researched in the profile research. Next to that, HotelloTOP conducted the HotelloTOP Happiness Barometer. This questionnaire maps the happiness of Hotello’s. The following topics were examined: self-confidence, view of life, satisfaction, time management, decisiveness and memories of the past. The respondents also indicated on a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfied they are with their life in general. With this statement their general state of happiness is verified.