From the quill pen of Niek

Niek is one of the old winners of the Hotello of the Year Award.
A great distinction that opened doors in many ways.

In 2013, the honor was mine. I was allowed to call me “Hotello of the Year” for a whole year! I was and I am so proud of it. It was just a year ago that I had a very intensive rehabilitation period, after an accident in 2010. Due to the accident, I got a paraplegia.

The nomination and award came at the right time. It helped me business wise to form my talent as a keynote speaker. It gave me a “platform”, from now on I could make a start as a speaker and as a trainer. After the award and I left the stage, I received more than 25 business cards which all resulted in appointments and bookings within the hotel network. I must confess, I never heard before about HotelloTOP, but there were many people who were willing to nominate me for this award.

Due to the accident, I got a paraplegia.

I cannot describe in words how grateful I am for this opportunity. Nowadays, years after the award, I own 3 companies, I have written a book, I gave 1000 keynotes both national and international. Moreover, I have 3 beautifull daughters and an (assistance) dog richer. It can be worse..

Thanks, thanks, thanks!